What is a DMP?

What is a data management platform (DMP) and what is it for?

A DMP is a data management platform is a technology that collects data about your target audience from different sources all into one central platform. Having a unified source of data helps advertisers and agencies to gain insights into the specific attributes of your target audience for targeting. This allows you to create audience segmentation for more effectively targeted campaigns. The DMP also allows advertisers and agencies visibility into cross platform performance metrics so that campaign parameters can be adjusted in real-time.

Long form video

There is an increase in media coverage recently about consumers having shorter attention spans and the need to create short and sharp video content to meet their viewing habits. However, in order to meet your marketing objectives, it is necessary to dig deeper to understand your target audience, the channels they engage with and how your content aligns with that.

In Ooyala’s Q1 2017 Global Video report, the consumption of long-form content has increased over the span of five years across all devices:

This means that contrary to what we’ve often been told about our waning attention spans, people are actually still capable of sitting through longer pieces of video content, and are doing so increasingly across devices. Long form content is still useful in telling a story, entertaining and inspiring your audience, which is hard to achieve through short video formats.

In fact, a study of over 1.5million videos by video platform TwentyThree found that mid-form and long-form videos, which are at least 15 minutes long, had over half of all video engagement (engagement measured through time watched) although it encompasses just over 8% of all video.

Here are some examples of how brands across Asia use longer form video content to engage their audience:

Nike Greater China

Rise is a reality TV show by Nike which has teenage basketball players pitted against each other in order to find a rising star in basketball.

Beauty Bound Asia

SK-II launched Beauty Bound, a program hosted on YouTube with aspiring beauty creators on YouTube compete in challenges to win entry prestigious access to SK-II’s Beauty Circle, giving them exposure to the top creators and celebrities.

Beauty Bound promotional video

Toyota Taiwan

Toyota Taiwan’s 7-minute-long video tells a touching story of expressing care across three generations of family.

That being said, video is even more effective when you use a mix of short form and long form content. Use the short form for tactical promotions and brand awareness, while using longer form videos for storytelling, so as to entertain or inspire your audience to your brand story, improving your long term brand equity.

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