What is Level-U?

Level-U is an elearning platform here to help people in marketing and advertising keep ahead of the constant changes in digital marketing. Whether you're new to digital or an experienced digital professional, you'll find training materials and resources to build and grow your digital skills.

Online Learning Platform

Online Learning Platform

Multi-device responsive platform to access your learning material at anytime of the day.

Digital Marketing and Leadership Courses

Digital Marketing & Leadership Courses

Content of courses focus on digital, marketing, media, creative thinking and leadership bringing the latest digital thinking and best practice.



Bite-sized short form videos that address one learning objective at a time. We keep lessons short to keep you engaged. Additional resources and activities are provided.

Location Asia

Tailored for Asia Pacific

Content tailored specifically to our region to make it more relevant for people working across all markets in Asia Pacific.

Why Level-U?

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Whether you have little digital experience or a lot, everyone needs to keep learning to keep up with the constantly changing digital ecosystem. 

Level-U helps you and your teams to keep up with so that you are equipped with knowledge to stay ahead of your clients and competitors

For Marketers: Have better conversations with your agency when your team is fully equipped with knowledge about the digital marketing ecosystem, new technologies and media channels within Asia.

For Agencies: Back your teams up with training in digital in Asia so that they are confident in giving your clients the best advice for their businesses.

Level-U has been created by experienced digital marketing and media professionals. We bring digital best practice knowledge from working with the world's best marketers to the lessons.

Formulated based on Adult Learning Principles

Effective adult learning should be self-directed, pragmatic, and focused on building competence and being active. With this in mind, our learning program is built in a way that takes into account adult learning principles.

Self directed: The training modules allow for learners to move at their own pace.

Pragmatic: We work with digital marketing and media and know the problems teams face. Our learning is designed for the real world.

Build Competence: We do this by tracking lesson progress and completed quizzes. We also blend this online learning with our office training

Be Active: Our blended training allows for participation in the practical application of the online training materials via real life examples.

Adult Learning Principles

How we work

Level-U works with your teams to find the best bespoke learning solution for your organisation

Audit & Planning

We will work with your talent development or management team to design and run a skills audit to understand the needs of your organisation before building customised learning pathways and content.

Online Learning

Pay a per head license fee to access the course program prepared for your organisation. Users can access micro-lessons at anytime of the day via any device, taking autonomy of their learning.

Blended Learning

We organise in-person training and workshops for your teams to follow up on what they have learnt in the online course.


Find out your team's performance and level of knowledge with the built-in reports.